Property Risk Experts For The Built Environment

We are a multidisciplinary consultancy that combines scientific and commercial expertise with technology to manage risks within the built environment. Using an evidence based approach, Abereum delivers a more effective system for managing building material hazards, providing a clearer property risk profile and can assist in developing advanced risk mitigation programs to manage exposure to building material hazards. Additionally to satisfying compliance requirements, our site assessments deliver more accurate building material data to provide a coherent risk management framework and to develop commercial insights, reducing exposure to unreasonable financial risk and better inform management decisions.With a national presence and operating across three specialised business units, we identify, prioritise and implement risk mitigation actions to facilitate smarter building material risk decisions. Our asbestos & hazardous building material services satisfy any workplace health and safety obligations whilst also minimising property, contamination and health risks associated with avoidable exposure. Our full suite of roofing services include inspections that identify and evaluate roofing features that are non-compliant whilst identifying specific risks that can affect the life of the roof, protecting the integrity and value of the asset. In addition to this, we offer commercial roofing services as well as residential repair and restoration services. We also offer a number of services in relation to the indoor environment, specifically addressing mould and water damage issues within the property structure.At Abereum, we recognise that failing to mitigate the growing risk profile of assets leads to an increase in largely preventable productivity losses and avoidable expenditure. Our objective is to add significant value to regulatory compliance and risk mitigation through the reduction if unforeseen financial exposure due to unquantified property risks. Through our building risk hazard identification, we provide asset transparency for our clients across a number of industries including; insurance, commercial, industrial, government, education, health and property industries.Contact Abereum for further information or call 1300 071 350.