When Is An Asbestos Clearance Certificate Required?

Following asbestos removal works, an asbestos clearance inspection will ensure that there are no ongoing risks associated with asbestos exposure. An asbestos clearance certificate will be issued upon satisfactory completion of the inspection and is an effective way to communicate to staff, contractors and the public that the site is safe to reoccupy following the disturbance and removal of asbestos from affected areas. We provide both visual and air monitoring clearances depending on whether there has been bonded or friable asbestos removal works.

What’s Included In A Visual Clearance?

A visual clearance inspection includes the inspection of all horizontal and vertical surfaces, fixtures, fittings and any areas where asbestos has been removed or disturbed during non asbestos related works.

Clearance Air Monitoring

Clearance air monitoring is performed following the completion of friable removal works. In public or high risk areas, it is legal requirement to carry out clearance air monitoring as well as a visual clearance inspection to ensure the area is safe for occupancy. All air samples are sent to a NATA laboratory for independent analysis to ensure levels are below the recommended detection limits.

Asbestos & Hazardous Material Services We Offer Include:

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