If your property is built prior to 1990 or you suspect a material may contain asbestos, it’s essential to have an experienced asbestos consultant test and inspect the area for asbestos prior to carrying out refurbishment or repair works. This is especially important for contractors before carrying out works on suspicious building material or plant and equipment that may contain asbestos. Alternatively, where there has been a disturbance of existing materials and there is a present concern relating to the presence of asbestos containing materials, we recommend that an immediate test and inspection of the material be conducted. This procedure must be performed by a competent person to confirm the type of and location of the material, and the risks associated with the disturbance of that material, if any. In order to properly identify suspected asbestos containing materials a visual inspection alone will not suffice. This is due to the broad range and sheer number of different asbestos products currently in use today. Asbestos testing is carried out by our team of experienced asbestos assessors who have the knowledge to know where to look, deep inside the building structure.We provide an asbestos identification service where a material suspected of containing asbestos is encountered during construction works or where it is required prior to any local or detailed works, including residential properties. During asbestos inspections we examine the floors, ceilings, and walls as they are the common areas where asbestos is usually located. Depending on the proposed works or the risks associated with the condition of the asbestos, we will examine the areas of concern as well as the areas where the prescribed works are to be carried out. We always take extra care when sampling to minimise any damage or disturbance to materials within the property. After completing our testing of the area for asbestos, we will ensure that the area has been properly cleaned and all waste will be disposed of as asbestos waste to an EPA certified landfill.Once the asbestos sample has been taken, we will send it to a NATA certified laboratory for independent analysis. A standard turnaround time of 48-72 hours applies to asbestos analysis, however we can accommodate a more expedient result is when required. The findings are then documented and a certificate of analysis is provided to you. The certificate of analysis provides information on the friability and the type of asbestos to determine any number of factors that relate to safely managing the asbestos:

  • Method of removal;
  • Air monitoring requirements;
  • Disposal methods; and
  • The control plan.

Each of these factors play an important role in eliminating the risk of exposure to asbestos and depending on the project requirements may considerably affect the costs associated with this properly managing the process. In some situations the risk of removing asbestos in good condition is greater than leaving it in place. During testing or an inspection, if asbestos identified is in poor condition or deemed to be a potential risk to persons health, we can carry out a ‘make safe’ of bonded asbestos under 10m2 to immediately ensure the safety of those within the area. As we are independent of the removal process we will only recommend removal of asbestos containing materials where necessary.

Other Asbestos & Hazardous Material Services We Offer Include:

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