Business & facility managers are confronted with an ever-changing range of obligations relating to standards, occupational health and safety, building design and management. Abereum supports these obligations by conducting a range of property assessments and provide recommendations & advice, accompanied by effective management programs in order to mitigate workplace and property risks.Our asbestos and hazardous materials services are targeted at identifying potential risks to workers and the public, as well as providing an overview of compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, and Australian & New Zealand standards. Our indoor environment services seek to solve indoor environmental issues that are usually the result of water damage from an event or a backlog of maintenance issues. Meanwhile, our services look to provide greater insight into the condition of the building fabric and provide insights into preventative maintenance to improve the life of the asset and understanding the financial implications associated with solutions provided.

Asbestos & HAZMAT

Asbestos and other hazardous materials in the workplace can be extremely harmful to people if it is not managed properly. We assist clients that control a variety of assets, ranging from commercial sites, light to heavy industrial that have a broad range of unique requirements when it comes to managing or removing asbestos and other hazardous materials. Many of our key clients seeking advice require asbestos audits, hazardous materials assessments or simply asbestos air monitoring for peace of mind as well as ensuring they meet their obligations as an employer whilst maintaining a safe workplace.


Commercial roofs can become a costly burden if preventative maintenance measures are not in place to maximise the life of the structure. Common roof leaks or damaged materials from adverse weather conditions can easily turn into an indoor environment issue causing mould and odour issues affecting occupant health. Whether you are the owner of the property or a leaseholder, not only are you liable for any repairs or maintenance on the property you also have a duty of care to the occupants of that building. Taking this into consideration, it’s essential to have your roof inspected prior to purchasing or leasing a property as this may adversely affect terms of your agreement. Whilst it is standard practice to have a building inspector inspect the property prior to purchase, building inspectors are not expert roofers. By engaging roofing experts at you receive the right advice at the right time and price to ensure that you are fully informed of the health of your assets roof.

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