What Is A Division 5 Asbestos Audit?

A division 5 asbestos audit is the visual inspection of accessible areas, rooms and surfaces throughout the building. As part of the audit, non-destructive samples are taken of any material suspected of containing asbestos. Following the completion of the audit, an asbestos register is compiled and provided to workplace management, as well as any contractors engaged to carry out work at your workplace. A division 5 asbestos audit is the first step in identifying asbestos in the workplace and managing the risks associated with asbestos found onsite. In addition to this, by carrying out a division 5 asbestos audit you are ensuring that you are compliant with current workplace health and safety regulations.

When Is A Division 5 Asbestos Audit Required?

Asbestos containing materials can be found within the built structure, plant and equipment manufactured up until 2003, when the national asbestos ban came into effect in Australia. Due to the fatal nature of exposure to asbestos, workplaces that operate within buildings built prior to this date, where the presence of asbestos is unknown, suspected, or has previously been identified, have legal obligations in relation to managing asbestos in the workplace.Work Health & Safety legislation requires workplaces to identify all asbestos present in the workplace and to maintain an up to date register, available to staff and contractors when required. This register should be reviewed at least every 5 years after the removal of the asbestos. Additionally, a register review should be performed if the condition of the asbestos containing material changes or if previously unidentified materials are discovered.

What Is Included In An Division 5 Asbestos Audit?

Depending of the type of audit carried out, the report will  include items such as:

  • A site inspection and the identification, as far as practicable, of the type, location, future potential risk of disturbance based on condition & asbestos content;
  • The compilation of an asbestos register;
  • A qualitative assessment of the risk presented by the identified asbestos containing materials;
  • Approximate quantity & friability of asbestos containing materials;
  • If necessary, provision of recommendations to assist in minimising the asbestos exposure risk;
  • The development of an asbestos management plan; and
  • The provision of information to assist in complying with the relevant legislative requirements.

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