We aim to solve a number of property related risks for our government clients by offering outcome driven tailored solutions that relate specifically to building compliance, building condition and early identification of risks and hazards associated with hazardous materials and water damaged properties.Abereum offers advice on planning, implementation as well as the data management and programming of works to take the guess work out of project management.

Asbestos & HAZMAT

Local, state and federal governments have set targets for the removal of all asbestos in Australia by 2030. Whilst the task is ambitious it can be achieved with the right planning, controls and usage of data capture technologies to quantify and qualify the problem. We understand that the government sector requires a supply partner who appreciates the importance of managing public perception in relation to asbestos exposure. We also recognise the large number of assets and workforce exacerbates the implications of exposure to asbestos. Our asbestos audits can be tailored for the self insured and will assist in developing a prioritised removal plan in line with budgetary and financial targets whilst ensuring public and workplace safety. We are ready to answer the call when urgent asbestos air monitoring is required during the removal of unsafe asbestos and to test and inspect areas of concern when there is an immediate public risk at hand. Anywhere and anytime.


Preventative maintenance planning can be complex and costly without the right information. We work with asset planning and building maintenance teams from local, state and federal governments to develop streamlined prioritised roof maintenance & refurb programs for existing buildings. Our reports detail all the necessary components of the roof structure providing an informative report with images , budget estimates, roof details and recommendations for your procurement or building maintenance team to make informed decisions to meet budgetary requirements. Having an inspection performed by an independent roofing company will ensure that recommendations are unbiased, giving you the confidence that any maintenance program prioritises any actionable items accordingly.

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