We can provide a customised diagnostic report, designed specifically for hospitals and medical clinics. By having periodical roof inspections performed by qualified assessors, facility managers can avoid roofing issues compromising the high standards of hygiene required in their asset portfolio. Whilst a building condition assessment will cover  your entire structure we strongly recommend having the condition of roof inspected by an expert in this area. The benefit of engaging a roofing professional is the level of understanding they are equipped with to foresee issues that may lead  to issues in the indoor environment, which may affect your patients. A leaking roof or block gutters can quite easily cause a run off under the structure or into your building structure, causing mould, rising damp and a range of other issues. Our consultants are trained in assessing the types of high risk situations meaning that we can provide the highest standard of recommendations available to ensure the welfare of patients and healthcare workers is maintained. Detecting roofing problems before they advance to cause secondary structural and hygiene complications will not only limit repair costs but also exposure to potential liabilities.

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