A well maintained roof helps keep the weather out, protecting your plant, equipment and employees. Failing to appropriately maintain your roof can have a significant effect on the indoor environment which can compromise your equipment and ultimately affect your workers and your customers.We regularly see industrial customers present  when the need has surpassed maintenance and are instead faced with a roof replacement. Quite  often a roof has been  left for years before the problems start to have an impact on the occupants. A roof  can also have a significant impact on future repair costs if left untreated. By failing to properly maintain the integrity of the roof structure your operation may experience a shutdown where a roof replacement is required. This is after the business has been exposed to work health and safety risks due to potentially exposing staff to hazardous materials. Our industrial clients may also have paid overs with unnecessary energy costs over an extended period of time as a result of a compromised structure. These issues come from poor building tightness, unaddressed roof maintenance issues and moisture issues which can cause mould following a water event.

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