Avoid Exposure To Unreasonable Risk

Abereum has built a reputation on risk mitigation, providing commercial insights as well as affordable and practical solutions to our insurance and brokerage clients. With the objective to add significant value to established insurers and insurance brokers, we ensure that due diligence is applied to the assessment of assets, identifying underlying issues to assist in classing the risk profile of assets.Our analysis of the building risk profile assists insurers in providing the right amount of coverage at the right price. In addition to this, we can support the claims process both with post loss assessments and remediation works for asbestos and hazardous materials, roofing condition and compliance issues as well as mould and water damaged properties.

Risk Mitigation

We recognise the key to improved outcomes is to identify, prioritise and implement risk mitigation actions. Our comprehensive risk mitigation programs involve the identification of hazards within the built environment, providing the opportunity to reduce risk within asset portfolios. Our risk mitigation programs provide insurers with more accurate data to better inform insurance decisions as well as protect your clients from the risks associated to building material hazards and insufficient insurance coverage.

Post Loss Assessments & Remediation Works

Supported by a team of professionals and qualified trades, Abereum can quickly quantify the scope of any hazard and site contamination stemming from an insurable event. In addition to this, we are equipped to perform roofing inspections and assessments to facilitate the claims process and can action make safes and repair works where required. For properties that have experienced water ingress, we can make an early assessment to quantify the scope of remediation works as well as identifying any mould issues that have resulted from the event itself.Contact Abereum for further information or call 1300 071 350.