Offset Your Property Risk

The real estate industry has undergone countless changes over many years and the highly transactional environment is ripe with risk and reward. These transactions are driven by an evolving market, making mitigating risk fundamental to success and knowing what to prepare for critical. Abereum work with a number industry stakeholders including – owners, developers, investors, and brokers, managing complex interconnected property risks that require specialists and careful management.Abereum assist clients in providing the knowledge and expertise in a number of areas including;

  • Pre-Lease: such as transactional risks and possible inherent defects.
  • During Lease: fire, delay, and third-party liability risks.
  • Post-Loss: such as operational risks for landlords, building owners, and tenants.

Why implement new management strategies?

Inherent defects found in the building, such as the failure of cladding, windows, roofing, heating, or ventilation, asbestos and other hazardous materials may require the owner to ask tenants to vacate while the restoration and repair works take place, resulting in a loss of rental income. Landlords will need to be informed to contemplate the ongoing upkeep of the buildings, ensuring that they are well maintained and fit for purpose. Keeping the buildings updated in line with tenant demands can come at a significant cost.


We provide a suite of roofing services to support property owners from roofing inspections to determine the condition of the roof, roof leaks, roof plumbing and drainage issues, damaged plant and equipment and any other obstructions affecting the functionality of the roof. Left unaddressed, roofing issues can lead to water ingress affecting the indoor environment. For commercial tenancies, this can lead to business disruption and potential litigation for lost income and other contractual breaches. In addition to this, we can perform make safes, restorations and repairs as well as re-roofs of buildings requiring a complete roof replacement.

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