Our inspection reports have been tailored to assess the condition of the roof and detail the costs associated with maximising the longevity of the roof. We have developed our own technological solution to capture the data in the field, that include video and photo logs allowing our clients to easily distribute information to relevant stakeholders & contractors managing carrying out works. We’ve found that our key clients in government, commercial and the utility sectors benefit from having up to date reports that provide intrinsic knowledge about the condition of the roof and information on hand to appropriately forecast and assess feasibility of works. Our report includes:

  • A comprehensive description of the roof materials, condition and serviceable life of the roof;
  • Type, location and analysis of hazardous materials identified;
  • An assessment of the condition of gutters, downpipes, flues, solar panels etc.;
  • Budget estimates for refurbishment or replacement works and maintenance forecasts;
  • Detailed assessment of safety systems;
  • Photographs, videos and marked up plans of your roof

Other Roofing Services We Offer Include:

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