As the age of your roof increases, the general condition of the roof will deteriorate. A roof in poor condition, if left unrepaired, can lead to serious property damage.  If you are experiencing water entry into the interior of the property or can see water marks, stains or mould on the ceiling,  your roof is in urgent need of repair to prevent water ingress from causing significant property damage and costly repairs. On the other hand, your roof may not be currently experiencing leakage but requires general maintenance to provide an additional layer of protection from extreme weather conditions. Repairing your roof will not only waterproof your property from unwanted water ingress but also extend the service life of your roof for years to come.

Our Roof Repair Services Include:

Tiled Roof Repairs

Not always visible to the naked eye, broken roof tiles are one of the leading reasons for roof repair work. We will replace broken tiles and can fix any ridge capping, flashing, valley and general wear and tear issues that are contributing to water ingress.

Roof Leak Repairs

A leaking roof can cause extensive general and structural damage to your property. Importantly, if the issue is a result of failing to maintain your roof, it’s unlikely you’ll be covered by insurance. If you’ve discovered a leak in your roof, acting immediately will prevent further damage to your property than what has already occurred.

Metal Roof Repairs

Our repair service also covers all types of metal roofing finishes. Not dissimilar to other roofing finishes, metal roofs do deteriorate over time. Whilst traditionally tougher, metal roof sheets can loosen over time as screws move and fail. Where penetrations have impacted drainage or the roof pitch is below the required standard, water can pool over time, rusting out your roof. We can replace rusted sheets and correct and defective roofing pitch or drainage issues on metal roofs.

Slate Roof Repairs

Slate roofs are quite resilient however are vulnerable to wear and tear over long periods of time. If roof slate has not been fitted properly weather damage can permeate through the roofing system, exposing the roof, leading to water ingress and causing property damage. Extreme storm conditions also have a tendency to move slate tiles exposing the property to the elements.

Gutter Repairs

All guttering and down pipe systems degrade over time. Whether a result of rust, debris build up or general wear and tear, gutter failure can lead to extensive property damage if left unrepaired.

Valley Replacement

Rusted iron valleys can compromise the integrity of your roof structure if not replaced. We can replace your valleys with galvanised or colorbond valley irons.

Emergency Roof Repairs

From time to time, a major storm event can lead to unexpected roofing and property damage. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repairs across Australia. With many causes of leaks, ensure that you engage professionals capable of locating the source of the leak and with experience with concrete tile roofs, terracotta tile roofs, slate roofs and metal roofs, we have the expertise to repair all roofs. With qualified and licensed roofers and roof plumbers available, if you are experiencing constant roof leaks, contact us here to have a professional perform the necessary repairs to protect your property or to obtain a free quote, call (03) 9973 4364.

Other Roofing Services We Offer Include:

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