Quite often clients with older properties face the decision of whether to continue with roof maintenance or to completely replace their existing roof. Whilst re-roofing is a more costly option than roof maintenance, it is a far superior option in terms of providing a long term roofing solution.

There are many reasons why re-roofing a property may be considered, including;

Outdated or Old Roof

Change of Style or Colour

Extending the Property

A Part of the Roof Needs Restoring

Roof has Deteriorated Beyond Restoration

Roof is No Longer Weather Proof

Roof is Unsafe

When re-roofing a property, we will complete one section of the roof at a time, ensuring that your property is never completely exposed to the weather elements. Re-roofing also provides an opportunity to install sarking in properties that do not currently have the insulating material underneath the existing tiles. Sarking will significantly improve the thermal efficiency of the property and will contribute to reducing cooling expenses. Sarking also provides an extra layer of protection from dust and weather conditions. As one of Australia’s leading re-roofing specialists, with extensive industry experience, we have replaced, tiled and slated an extensive number of properties throughout Australia. To obtain a free quote, call (03) 9973 4364  to discuss re-roofing your property or if would like to explore any of our alternative services.

Other Roofing Services We Offer Include:

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