Exposed to the elements, the highest of quality roofs will deteriorate over time. If your roof has seen better days, is looking worn out or leaking, a roof restoration may be a more appropriate alternative to repairing the roof. A roof restoration will instantly improve the overall appearance of your property whilst also addressing ongoing roofing maintenance issues such as water leaks and general wear and tear. Using only the highest quality roofing materials, our restoration work involves repairing, resealing and restoring your roof back to near original condition, significantly improving the integrity of your roof and minimising future repair requirements.We can restore all types of roofs including terracotta tile, concrete tile, colorbond, zincalume and galvanised iron roofs.

Our Restoration Services Include:

Roof Cleaning

Using high pressure washers, we remove all moss, lichen and dirt from your roof. Whilst there, we’ll remove all leaves, branches and debris from the gutters and downpipes to ensure your roof drainage systems remain functional and as efficient as possible.

Rebedding & Repointing

Rooftop ridges crack over time and can cause additional roof damage when displaced. We’ll remove and replace old mortar from the ridge caps. Using a bedding frame during the reinstallation we also ensure that the ridge caps are properly realigned and reset. Then we’ll repoint any ridges to ensure the ridges remain fixed during high winds and extreme weather. Using a flexible pointing material your roof ridge will be given extended durability by adapting to changing weather conditions.

Valley Replacement

Valleys often rust with age, compromising the water proofing of the roof. Left unchecked, water leaks can cause extensive damage to the property structure whilst also causing cosmetic damage to plastered walls and ceilings. We identify valleys that are showing signs of fatigue and replace them ensuring your roof remains watertight.

Roof Repainting

Repainting your roof will provide an additional layer of protection from the elements. We’ll clean your roof prior to repainting, then seal, prime and paint the roof.

Broken Tile Replacement

Conducting a thorough inspection across the entire roof, we identify any broken tiles and replace them to provide greater protection from water entering the property.

Roof Plumbing

With roof plumbers on hand, we can also identify roof plumbing issues placing your property at risk of water damage. Restoring your roof will provide the maintenance required to continue to protect your property from the harsh weather elements whilst significantly offsetting the potential need for a full roof replacement whilst leaving the roof looking as new. Not only will restoring your roof save you money when compared to performing roofing repairs over the long term, you’ll protect the property from structural damage whilst also protecting valuable items inside the property from water ingress.Contact us here or call (03) 9973 4364 to secure a FREE QUOTE, to identify the materials requiring replacement.

Other Roofing Services We Offer Include:

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