We identify defects in the roof material and structure that are in poor or unsafe condition. Included in a roofing condition assessment is the identification and evaluation of roofing features that that are in a poor or unsafe condition or could be enhanced. This can lead to significant maintenance cost savings as well as improving resource efficiencies which can reduce overall building running costs. Our assessments also provide critical data on specific risks that may affect the life of the roof or could lead to further structural problems if left unaddressed. The overall condition of a roof can have a significant impact on the life and value of an asset as well as contributing to negative health consequences of the buildings occupants. We also have the capacity to identify opportunities to create a more sustainable roofing area which will further increase long term savings. A more environmentally friendly environment will also improve the overall health of the buildings occupants.Our qualified roofing inspectors and roof safety assessors have extensive experience in roofing maintenance and repair, safety, water damage and hazardous materials inspections. By selecting us to inspect and assess your roof you will receive a report which will ensure that you have all the necessary information to best manage the life of the asset and the health of its occupants. We also provide intelligence that assists our clients with programming maintenance works whilst facilitating improved commercial decisions related to the asset.

Our services include:

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