Ways To Prevent Mould

Although mould can be found almost anywhere, it needs moisture and nutrients to grow. The key to preventing mould growth is reducing dampness in the home. This can be done by:

Maintaining proper ventilation

  • Turn on exhaust fans, particularly when bathing, showering, cooking, doing laundry and drying clothes;
  • Open windows when weather permits, to improve cross ventilation;


Reduce humidity

  • Limit the use of humidifiers;
  • Limit the number of fish tanks and indoor plants;
  • Limit use of unflued gas heaters;


Controlling Moisture & Dampness

  • Repair all water leaks and plumbing problems e.g. burst water pipes, leaking roof or blocked rain gutters.
  • If water enters your home, completely clean and dry water-damaged carpets and building materials. Discard material that cannot be cleaned and dried completely.


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